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Winter Wonderland
It had not happened this early in the year since 1944. But on December 10, 2008, something magical occurred. Snow fell in Houston ... (read more)

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Big Rocks
At a meeting at my son's school this past week, several of the parents in attendance were complaining about the amount of homework our kids ... (read more)

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Miracles from a Lighthouse
Drayton Hawthorn, wrote describing tense moments he experienced while waiting for his wife's surgery. "It was ten o'clock at night and she was ... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Together in His Grace'

What Takes Your Breath Away?
Take a moment for some gentle spiritual prodding. Right now, in today's market, what's your faith worth? You could begin this assessment by listing the features of ... (read more)
I Got Hacked!
There is an old saying that goes like this, "Into every life a little rain must fall." Well, it rained on me this week! Someone hacked into my web pages and set up a ... (read more)
Of All the Stupid Things
When was the last time you did something really stupid? Now just so we are "on the same page," as they say, let me share the definition of "stupid" ... (read more)
Windshield or Bug?
t was Monday morning and I was feeling on top of the world: no calls of distress and the pile of paperwork was finally beginning to shrink ... (read more)
Settling In
The focus of the last few days has been to assist my daughter as she moved into a house near the university she attends. It is a great place. She loves... (read more)
My wife and I had a conversation yesterday that we wouldn't have had ten years ago. That no one would have had twenty ... (read more)
Celebration in Heaven
Jill Murphy gave her husband Bill, a high school class ring for their 21st wedding anniversary. There's no question ... (read more)

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