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The White Envelope
It’s just a small, white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas tree. No name, no... (read more)

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Relationship Gardening
The Bible is full of gardens; the garden of Eden, the infamous garden Ahab wanted on Naboth's... (read more)

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Favorite Places
Some things are just better when they're over. Funny, you wouldn't think that having your picture made for the church... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Together in His Grace'

Cure Alls
It was a jungle. Actually, it was a big backyard with a garden, a well house, the carcass of an old panel truck that had been... (read more)
Half a Foot
Half a foot doesn't seem like very much does it? Normally when you consider six inches, you think, "What's the big deal?"... (read more)
One day when our oldest son was about 6 years old, he came running into the house crying and very angry... (read more)
The Hope That is Within You
The woman on the other end of the telephone choked back her tears. "I am in such shock," she said. She'd just discovered... (read more)
Delicate Surgery
My granddaughter, Landrye, came over to play a few minutes ago. She brought her new friends, Take Care Bear and Birthday... (read more)
Who Are We Letting Behind the Wheel?
The New Orleans Times-Picayune carried a story last month about a mother and daughter who went... (read more)
A Mother's Prayer
Heavenly Father, For more than five years, I have come to you with prayers on behalf of my child. Before I even knew... (read more)
He Never Looked Back
We hesitated a little before we woke our son Josh up this morning. He was ready. He had carefully chosen... (read more)
Never Too Late!
People have often said, " It is never too late ... to begin a new career ... to late to start saving for retirement ... to... (read more)
There are Trees and There are Trees
The loquat tree flourishes, flowers and fruits without any period of leaflessness. It is never boring, bare or... (read more)
No Pain Like Your Child's Pain
We all know pain. Headache. Heartache. Disappointment. Frustration. Failure. Sin. We know what it is to experience... (read more)
Precious Memories, Graduation, and Lisa
I was moving from the city to a small town to serve my first appointment as pastor of a local church. Preoccupied with unloading furniture, the children were left to... (read more)
Seeing Face to Face
I was deeply moved as I watched a documentary about twin brothers. They had decided to undergo experimental surgery which... (read more)
Heart's Content
"Okay guys, let's all come over here and let Shane open his presents," I instructed the children. His first... (read more)
World's Worst Mother Award
Please forgive me! I should wait to write a story like this, but I cannot withhold the agony and the embarrassment... (read more)
Snow from Above
"I wish we could just catch a glimpse of what's going on in heaven right now. That would just make everything okay, you... (read more)
Not Yet What It Will Be
One of the early signs of spring in our area is the blooming of... (read more)
Can't Take it With You
Look around and decide what you want to have, because I'm only taking a few things with me... (read more)
What a picture of blissfulness. In his car seat, he had turned his chubby cheeks to the window to let the... (read more)
Providing Memories of Home for Our Children
She often reminiscences, and tells me true stories of her upbringing on... (read more)
Work-Family Spillover
Researchers call it "work-family spillover." My wife and I call it "kick-the-dog syndrome."... (read more)

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