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How Could a God of Love Let His Son Die?
So the son he loved paid for the sins of the people he loved. ... (read more)

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It is not a very detailed story with a lot of specifics left out. A story of a number of people from an unknown country trying to find someone but not knowing where to look.... (read more)

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What Does This Mean?
Based on this passage, Jews included questions in their Passover meals, and they continue that practice today. The youngest child present is expected to ask about the significance of what they are doing. Passover uses the curiosity of children to teach ev... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Hope for Life'

God and My DNA
The "facts" used to disprove the existence of God have now been shown not to be facts at all. ... (read more)
She Had An Abortion
She made a mistake. A big one. It was over a quarter of a century ago, but it haunts her daily. She got pregnant. And, despite being totally against it in principle, she had an abortion.... (read more)
If only Tomorrow...
No need to dwell on the past or worry about the future. Just live today as a follower of Jesus.... (read more)
About Thanksgiving
It was in the classrooms of P.S. 58 in Ozone Park, Queens, New York, that I remember learning about Thanksgiving. I recall making pilgrim hats with paper buckles, tracing my hand and out stretched fingers, then coloring my fingers as tail feathers and the... (read more)
Choosing Death, Choosing Life
He was going to take his life. Why not? When the Roman authorities arrived, they would kill him anyway. When the Romans put prisoners in your care, they showed no mercy if those prisoners escaped. A life for a life. That was the rule.... (read more)
How's That Working out for You?
The truth is that you cannot control things in this world. None of us can. ... (read more)
Election Time!
Those who live in the United States may have heard that there's an election coming up. Billions of dollars will be spent during the course of the campaigns. Millions of man hours will be invested. And who could begin to count the number of words that will... (read more)
Sitting in the Hen House Doesn't Make You a Chicken
Christianity is about being with God, not an attendance policy.... (read more)
Known by God
We want to be known by God so that we can be included in His family and live in heaven with Him.... (read more)
Edgar Allan Poe is one of the better known American authors from the 19th century. His tales of mystery and suspense have captivated audiences around the world. One of my favorites is one of his lesser known tales: "The Sphinx."... (read more)
So You Think You May Be Interested in Becoming a Christian
We exist together in a community of believers, reminding ourselves of our shared decision and commitment. ... (read more)
The Latest Thing
It's finally here! It's the new improved version. More features than ever, and it's better looking, too. You know you've got to have it. It will be the greatest thing you ever bought.... (read more)
I Know too many Hypocrites
We sin, we repent, we commit that with God’s help we will become more like Jesus.... (read more)
No App for That
"There is an App for that", was the repeated phrase as I tried to use my smartphone to connect with different sources of information. The App is a shortcut that eliminates the user from going through all the steps to get from one electronic place to anoth... (read more)
Fearing God
Should I be afraid of God? No. Yes. Sometimes. In some ways. It depends on what you mean.... (read more)
I Felt so sorry for Them
If you are part of a community — a family — of faith, be thankful. You are blessed. Not lucky, but blessed.... (read more)
A lot of us have been watching the Olympic games, enjoying the real-life drama of athletic competition. Even when we don't care who wins, it's always interesting to watch people push themselves to do their best. We know that what we are seeing is the resu... (read more)
A Something Is not the same as The Something
But Christians are different in that we believe the God we serve is not a god, but the one true God.... (read more)
An age old Answer to an ages old Question
He knew that the asker already knew the answer, so to deflect blame and redirect the intent of the original question he asked one of his own. "Am I my brother's keeper?" And since that time, Cain's question has been repeated over and over by people who do... (read more)
Be Still!
We live in an impatient, fast-paced world, where we want everything done immediately, if not sooner. We don't want to wait. We don't want to slow down. We don't want to be patient.... (read more)
What to Do about Hail
I don’t have to worry about how to run the world. That is God’s job.... (read more)
People Pleasing
Aesop told the fable of the man, the boy and the donkey. A man and his son were leading their donkey to market when someone passed and remarked how foolish they were to have a donkey and not ride it.... (read more)
Celebrate Independence
As a Christian, I am thankful and celebrate daily my freedom from sin that used to keep me a slave.... (read more)
First Called
As exemplified in the life of Andrew, being a follower of Jesus is rough and costly, yet the outcome is never in doubt.... (read more)
It was 1865. Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston on June 18, along with 1800 troops, and announced that the Civil War was over. On June 19, Granger read a proclamation which stated, in part: "The people of Texas are informed that in accordan... (read more)
Kid Games and Jesus
God does not stand at the finish line waiting to catch you in a mistake and then send you back to the start. God wants you to get to the finish line.... (read more)
Just as different nations have different holidays and memorial days, different families have seasons that are special to us. For our family, the end of May has become one of those times.... (read more)
I Wish I Didn't Have to Go to Work
Work is a way to make a living, not how to make a life. ... (read more)
Observations after a Trip to Africa
My trip was not that unusual from what others experience when they too go to Africa, but for me the perspective was eye opening and priceless.... (read more)
Let There Be Light!
When I was in college, I sang in the school choir. One year, we took a trip that included stops in New Mexico. Traveling through the state, we stopped to visit the Carlsbad Caverns. There's one moment from that tour that stands out in my mind. The guide o... (read more)
My Printer Only Prints in Black and White
Jesus does ask us to live a lifestyle different than the world around us, and he gives us guidelines to know how to do that. ... (read more)
Seeing God
The apostle Paul wrote to a group of Christians in Rome: "For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made" (Romans 1:20).... (read more)
It Is as Easy as One, Two, Three
Free does not mean easy, but it is so worth it.... (read more)
What Do I Do Now?
He sat across from me, tears on his cheeks and desperately asking the question. His choices had messed up his life, the lives of his family, the lives of other families and his friends. Now a year after everything hit the reality fan, after seeking forgiv... (read more)
After Easter
Peter and the other apostles had lived an emotional roller coaster that few of us can imagine. Their beloved Teacher, the one they thought was going to be king, had been arrested and killed. Then, a few days later, they learned that He had risen from the ... (read more)
Is Your Hospital Room Full?
I am part of a community of faith that believes we are family.... (read more)
I opened the door to my hotel room, heaved a sigh, and thought to myself: "All hotel rooms look alike." Immediately, the correction came to mind: "No, they don't. You've stayed in a wide range of hotel rooms."... (read more)
But I Knew all the Words
They need to see us caring for each other, crying with each other, and helping each other see Jesus to understand church. ... (read more)
I Wonder Why...
I wonder why Christians don’t seem to react very much when they see images making fun of religious characters, or cartoons that show Jesus doing obscene things or Bibles being burned. There may be some statement of “outrage” and head shaking in disgust, ... (read more)
When God Doesn't Make Sense
Naaman was an important man. He was head of the army of one of the major world powers. The Bible tells us that God had used him to win great victories for his king, the king of Syria.... (read more)
Days, Calendars, and Time
My purpose in life is to use my time to glorify God by doing the good works God has planned for me. My life matters. ... (read more)
Life on the Ark
One of our favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Noah and the ark. God decides to cleanse the world and start over.... (read more)
Auto-Correct Spelling and Life
How great would it be if Jesus would just auto-correct our life?... (read more)
Overlooking Nehemiah
He was a poison detector and that was a job, not a title. He would sip the liquid and if he didn't fall over dead, he would hand it to the King so the King could safely drink it.... (read more)
I didn't find any gold today. Haven't found any all week. In fact, I've never found gold. Nor diamonds. Nor silver. Not once. I'd be more than happy to stumble across any of those things. But it hasn't happened.... (read more)
My Cell Phone Doesn't Work
What is needed is a Christian to come alongside and show how to get connected again to Jesus.... (read more)
Finding God on the Mountain
Elijah had gone to the mountain looking for God. He'd been ready to give up. Ready to lie down and die. He saw no hope, no future, no point in going on. Then an angel told him to go to the mountain.... (read more)

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