We have all heard that phrase. It is typically used when someone has planned, worked, controlled, or manipulated things to achieve a certain result. Of course, it always seems that something out of our control then comes along and undermines everything. All the planning, all the work has now been for nothing. “I have this under control.” “I can handle this.” Then when we are proven wrong, we hear the statement: “How’s that working out for you?”

I have seen it in relationships. I have seen it in work situations, and in travel plans. I have seen it in almost every life situation. You have too. It happens in our behavior as well. The addiction that we are positive is not really an addiction. We are certain we can quit any time we want. It does not control our lives. We do not need any help whatsoever to manage it. How’s that working out for you?

The truth is that you cannot control things in this world. None of us can. Weather disrupts ballgames and farm harvests. People do not respond the way you expect them to or in the way you want them to. A banker you have never met makes a decision that impacts your business in a way that you could never have foreseen. You think you can control everything, only to realize that in reality you can control almost nothing. How’s that working for you?

That is why I am a Christian. I believe there is someone in control. It is just not me. So I have given up my efforts to control this world, to control other people. If we are honest, we have to admit it is hard to even control ourselves. So I surrender myself to the One who actually does have power. And it is wonderfully liberating. I no longer worry about weather, or the economy, or even other people. I do not even worry about myself. I give my worries to someone who can actually do something about them. I give them to God. You may wonder how that is working for me. The answer is… just fine.

If it seems too simplistic, and you still feel everything is up to you, let me ask you a question. How’s that working for you?

Let go. Let Jesus.
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