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Something Fresh
Most of us enjoy things that are fresh. There’s nothing quite like that first cup of coffee in the morning. Don't you enjoy wearing something ... (read more)

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Is Praying it Safe Best?
It's easy to throw up cotton candy prayers that lack substance in traffic, in the shower, or as we run out the door to work. It's easy to stay on the ... (read more)

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I'll Take My Two Talents!
How much time do we waste wondering about the breadth and depth of our individual gifts — asking God over and over, from every angle... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Just for Women'

Even When the Rain Falls
Over the last several months I have become even more aware of the power of sin. We all have experienced it ... (read more)
More Than a Matter of Taste
Have you noticed how we consumers are being swayed into buying products by the advertisers? There's a psychology behind ... (read more)
Dandelions: Cheerful & Prolific
If a vote were taken by property owners as to which weed they disliked the most, dandelions would probably ... (read more)
Risky Gratitude
Every day, thousands of young girls pretend that Barbie dolls and Disney princesses meet the man of their dreams, marry, and ... (read more)
Limitless Mercy
I am continuing to read The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen. I am currently reading about ... (read more)
A Little Something Extra
It's nice to get a little something extra, isn't it? During my mother's "letter-writing" days, she always tucked a ... (read more)
Uncertainty: Defuse Your Anxiety by Looking Out for Others
I wasn't five minutes into the film before I felt something deep inside of me rebel. That "foreshadowing" device ... (read more)
Less of Me
Every year I make New Year's resolutions and every year I break them, so this year I'm trying something different ... (read more)

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