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Give Mary Credit
We seldom give Mary, the mother of the Lord much credit. She did far more than just raising Jesus up, she had an incredible... (read more)

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In the Shadow of God
Autumn in the Appalachians is my husband's idea of heaven on earth. Sam is in his element in Autumn. It makes me chilly just thinking about... (read more)

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To Know This Love That Surpasses Knowledge
I'll probably never know exactly what was going on in Alex's heart and mind that day in the grocery store when my son screamed... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Just for Women'

Totally Present for Today with a Vision for Tomorrow
On any given day, women will be caught daydreaming of tomorrow. Not that dreaming is a bad exercise; sometimes the most winning plans... (read more)
Mama was an excellent seamstress. Just after World War II, there wasn't much money to spend on "store-bought" clothes. My grandmother bought... (read more)
Praise and Perspective
On Friday, my photo shoot with an up-and-coming Christian artist got rained out. On Saturday. my hard drive crashed: over 6500... (read more)
Market Place Moments: Appreciation
There is something wonderfully enigmatic about sensing that another person notices your efforts — weak attempts though they... (read more)
The Staying Power of Our Words
Do you remember things that people have said to you that have had an impact on you? Isn't it interesting what we can remember from... (read more)
The Jewel
As a writer, speaker, and E-Mail counselor for "Christian Women Today" online, I often use Romans 8:28 to comfort, encourage... (read more)
Too Much Rain!
We've all heard the expressions: "when it rains, it pours" and "into everyone's life, a little rain must... (read more)
How Beautiful
She drove to mid-week service in a stupor. Stress of the day and physical weariness consumed every fiber of her being. She tried to relax... (read more)
He Walks with Me
Today I write with a saddened heart. But my sadness is really a bit selfish. My dear friend, Mrs. Julie, passed away. And although I rejoiced at her... (read more)
I bought a postage stamp this morning. When I couldn't get it to stick to the envelope, I accused the lady of... (read more)
God Never Stops Calling
I was reading a blog post that was forwarded to me from a friend. (I couldn't make the link work.) The post was written by a mom who had left her pursuit of faith... (read more)
About a year ago, we bought a van with a navigation system. My husband loves gadgets, and he immediately began experimenting with it to see... (read more)
I Was a Snob and It Breaks My Heart
I got a call last week from a friend of mine from college. It was strange to hear her voice on my answering machine... (read more)
It's Not About ...
I love this truth! Even when I forget and God has to gently — and sometimes not so gently — remind me, I love reading His word where He tells... (read more)
Victory Over Loss and Anger
It had been the worst year in her life — a year since Kathy's husband had suddenly died in an automobile accident leaving her full of... (read more)
Commitment Sunday
All the women who owned fur coats did not wear them to church on Commitment Sunday. It was a mostly universal response... (read more)
The Little Things
Hello to all you moms out there. I am writing to you this evening in hopes that somehow this will touch someone right where that touch is... (read more)
Forever Stamps?
A number of years ago, a colleague of mine complained about all of her bills. She had a stack... (read more)
Beautiful Feet
The only feet I have ever admired are those that belong to babies or very young children. For the most... (read more)
Jesus, Send the Cops
Mildred Budge was just steering out of Wal-Mart when an ambulance veered in and stopped by the Main entrance to the parking... (read more)
Let's Not Be Deceived!
What is the best way to tell a lie? When I was a kid, for example, I would sometimes tell Mom or Dad that I was... (read more)
A Soul Called Leslie
This week I was talking to my friend Evette. She doesn't read my blog, but friends from church know her, and I am sure... (read more)
The Art of Kindergarten Identity
One of the best things about kindergarten is the artwork. I love our daughter's teacher this year. Every Monday she gives the students a... (read more)
The Chin Hair
Ok, it happened again last night. As I was brushing my teeth I looked in the mirror (you know, REALLY looked in... (read more)
Martha's List
Oh, to have a heart like Mary's! I know what is most important, but truthfully, a lot of the time I am more like... (read more)
Choices: Truth or Lies?
God opened a door for the Faithbuilders to do a retreat for teenagers last weekend in Texas on purity and... (read more)

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