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2002 Special Features:

More Forgiving and a Bigger Sweet Spot, by Tom Norvell
      Two good things to resolve this year...

Ready to Give a Defense, by Alan Smith
      Are you prepared?

The Difference 50 Cents Made, by Rubel Shelly
      Even small gifts can mean a lot.

Selecting the Perfect Presence, by Rick Brown
      Jesus is the perfect present, and the perfect presence.

You're Going to Love It!, by Tom Norvell
      This is a great present!

Fingerprints of Love, by Mike Ellis
      He touched us, can we pass it on?

Why Sharing Beats Partying, by Rubel Shelly
      Chose to put your resources to work a different way.

Slow Down!, by Tom Norvell
      Take it easy!

Too Stressed to Enjoy, by Dr. Jeff Lee
      Everybody relax a little.

Unanswered Questions or Unquestioned Answers, by Steve Higginbotham
      Do some digging.

With All Your Heart, by Ton Norvell
      If it's worth doing, it's worth doing all the way.

Ugly is Beautiful, by Pat Jones
      Take a second look.

Everything is Not Okay, by Michael Harbour
      We live in a fallen world.

The Parable of Persevering Emmitt, by Rubel Shelly
      He just keeps going...

Be Still, by Janice Price
      Reconnect with God in the stillness.

Enjoy It While You Can, by Tom Norvell
      Relish the moments.

Selfless Love, by Joseph Mazzella
      Sharing is caring.

Sons are Forever, by Janice Price
      Facing the grief of suicide is painful.

Just a Glimpse, by Tom Norvell
      Take time to look around at the beauty of life...

Thanksgiving: Time for Sharing, by Rubel Shelly
      Take the time to share with those that need help.

Nothing to Give Thanks, by Dr. Jeff Lee
      It's not that hard.

Bathed in Light, by Paul Lee
      A love/hate relationship with rain.

In Sunshine and In Rain, by Joseph Mazzella
      The rains will pass.

For Help With Pornography and Chat Addictions, by Steve Puckett
      A listing of links to helpful resources.

Home Safe Home?, by Jeff James and Phil Ware
      Is it really that dangerous? Yes, it is.

The Vacant Lot, by Tom Norvell
      It will fill up with something.

It's Good to Be Home, by Paul Lee
      The trip is finally over.

What's On Your Mind?, by Tom Norvell
      There's a lot occupying our thoughts.

Worthy is the Lamb, by Jim McGuiggan
      Everything points to him.

Let's Live, Not Die, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Make the life choice.

You'll Need a Lawyer, by David A. Sargent
      You stand accused.

Flourishing Life, by Paul Lee
      Life can blossom even in the harshest conditions.

Is Your Lamp Attached?, by Bruce Wadd
      Can you see clearly?

Sunrise In Their Smiles, by Paul Lee
      Can you help Just One More?

Jesus Walked, by Dennis Crawford
      Take some time.

Biographers Needed! Please Apply, by Rubel Shelly
      Who will spread the word?

Just Beyond What I Can See, by Tom Norvell
      Not all is clear, unfortunately...

Beautiful Music, Beautiful Heart, by Mike Ellis
      Seek out a beautiful tone in your life.

Horns, Seeds, Instant Answers, and Prayer, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      What do we expect from prayer?

Who Moved?, by Edd Knight
      Did He leave us? No...

One at a Time, by Tom Norvell
      Best to keep it simple.

Undeceiving Ourselves, by Rubel Shelly
      Truth just has to be faced, even if it's painful.

Learning and Teaching, by Joseph Mazzella
      There are wonderful lessons to learn.

Vulnerability And The Art of Friendship, by Michael Harbour
      You are somebody!

What's Happening?, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Nuthin' ever happens 'round here...

Where I Used to Go to Church, by Alan Smith
      It's sad, but too often true.

That Didn't Hurt!, by Larry Davies
      Can we get past our fear?

Enjoying the Storm, by Tom Norvell
      He is a shelter in time of storm.

It's Only(?) Entertainment, by Rubel Shelly
      What are we putting in our minds?

No One Has Ever Done This For Me, by Bob Perks
      Forgiveness is a beautiful thing.

The Value of a Spotter, by Rubel Shelly
      He's watching over you.

Other Things, by Tom Norvell
      We're so easily distracted.

The Folded Page, by Tom Norvell
      Sometimes the damage leaves a permanent mark.

Wrinkle Movers, by Joseph Mazzella
      Do we really want to get rid of our wrinkles?

Caring Requires Courage, by Rubel Shelly
      The courage of 9/11 is inspiring.

Better Me Than Dead, by Linda Rondeau
      A refreshing perspective from an unexpected source.

Child's Play, by Rubel Shelly
      Can you take some time off?

A Changed Self-Image, by Rubel Shelly
      A young man is making better choices.

A Few Good Words, by Joseph Mazzella
      Words can be a powerful force for good.

What Does a Christian Do?, by David Smith
      How should we live as Christians?

Being Used by God, by Tom Norvell
      Surrender your life to Him.

Heart Strings from Heartlight, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      Writing is not always lonely!

Ones and Zeros, by Ben Steed
      God can work with anything.

A Legacy of Love, by Paul Lee
      Why do I work so hard on Heartlight?

What's Your Agenda?, by Michael Harbour

Time Passages, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      Has it really been that long?

Ignoring Mt. Everest, by Rubel Shelly
      The problem is huge.

What Was He Thinking?, by Tom Norvell
      You were on his mind.

Care for Caregivers, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      Who helps those who help?

"Would You Please Pray for My Foot?", by Edd Eason
      Ministry interrupts.

A Matter of Trust, by Michael Harbour
      Do you want the good news, or the bad news?

What Is the Right Price?, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      What's your price?

Doing What You Were Meant to Do, by Tom Norvell
      Are you in the right place?

Poverty Continues to Grow: Our Response?, by Larry James
      What will we do about it?

Who's Controlling Your Life?, by Alan Smith
      Who's in charge here?

A Beautiful Mind, Part 10, by David Smith
      Wrapping it up...

Could You Hum a Few Bars?, by Rubel Shelly
      What a friend we have in Jesus!

What Is Christ Prepared To Do?, by Jim McGuiggan
      Why does He bother with us?

A Million Miles from Home, by Michael Harbour
      Stay home.

A Beautiful Mind, Part 9, by David Smith
      Whatever is praiseworthy...

A Blanket of Love, by Betty Jo Mings
      God longs to comfort us.

Food for Worms, by Robert G. Taylor
      Ben Franklin learned humility.

A Beautiful Mind, Part 8, by David Smith
      Whatever is excellent...

Reflecting the Conditions, by Tom Norvell

Not My Thorn, by Michael Harbour
      Where does it hurt?

A Beautiful Mind, Part 7, by David Smith
      Whatever is admirable...

Hope You Have a Good Day!, by Larry James
      Really mean it.

Taking God for Granted, by Alan Smith
      Do we take Him for granted?

A Beautiful Mind, Part 6, by David Smith
      Whatever is lovely...

Do It Right!, by Tom Norvell
      Can we take the time to do it properly?

Playing Our Part With Pleasure, by Michael Harbour
      What about the problem of pleasure?

Elephant Men, by Jim McGuiggan

All the Trumpets Sounded, by John William Smith
      Is there a story you need to tell?

The King Will Not Return, by Tom Norvell
      The king of golf won't be back, but the King will...

A Beautiful Mind, Part 5, by David Smith
      Whatever is pure...

We Can Get By With a Lot Less, by Tom Norvell
      We can do more than the minimum.

A Beautiful Mind, Part 4, by David Smith
      Think on these things...

With the Joy of a Beginner, by Michael Harbour
      Let's get started!

Relying on God, by Alan Smith
      Do we rely too much on the wrong things?

The Snakes in Ireland, by Rubel Shelly
      Why? Why would anyone bring them back?

Is Jesus Ruling Your Life?, by Dr. Bill Denton
      How can you tell?

A Beautiful Mind, Part 3, by David Smith
      Whatever is noble...

Moving On, by Mark Waltenbaugh
      Is it time to move?

Cutting Corners, by Tom Norvell
      Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not so good...

Choosing to Forgive, by Rubel Shelly
      Will you make the choice?

A Beautiful Mind, Part 2, by David Smith
      It's all in the mind...

Dwelling In God's House, by Alan Smith
      Is it your residence?

Living By Words That Work, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Are your words working for you?

A Father I Never Had, by Dr. Jeff Lee
      Do you see God as your Father?

Keep On Swingin', by Tom Norvell
      What's the secret to success?

A Beautiful Mind, by David Smith
      What are you thinking about?

25 Cents Worth of Care, by Dr. Bill Denton
      How much do you care?

The Storms of Spring, by Paul Fletcher
      Storms can refresh us, if we let them.

A Vessel for God's Use, by Bill Henegar
      She was the Lord's servant.

Waters and Flame, by Julie Allwhite
      Sometimes things don't turn out like you planned... but He is there.

Night Vision, by Rusty Tugman
      Can you see beyond the darkness?

Team Effort, by Rubel Shelly
      Working together brings better results.

How Do You Say It?, by Robert G. Taylor
      God can help you find the words.

Are You a Believer?, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Have you confessed Him?

A Better Solution, by Rubel Shelly

Only Slightly Off, by Tom Norvell
      On some things, being slightly wrong makes it all wrong.

The Wind of the Spirit, by Jim McGuiggan
      Let the Spirit revive you.

Selective Hearing, by Dr. Bill Denton
      How well do we listen to God?

Beyond Footprints on the Moon, by Ken Dillman
      Our God specializes in impossible situations.

It Was Somebody Else's Fault, by Rubel Shelly
      You have to live with your choices.

Beyond Being the Victim, by Dr. Jeff Lee
      The story of Joseph has an important lesson for us.

Ring the Bells, by Larry Bridgesmith
      Serving God can be dangerous work.

The First Step, by Tom Norvell
      Can you overcome your fear?

Pray Without Ceasing, by Alan Smith
      There is not one prayer he does not hear.

A Trustworthy God, by Alan Smith
      We can give Him all our trust.

Ready, Set, Relax!, by Rubel Shelly
      Schedule some time for a break.

Content, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Have you learned yet?

Creative Theories, by Alan Smith
      How do you explain it?

Spring Surprise, by Tom Norvell
      Just be patient, and that seed may grow.

The Stress Disease, by Larry Davies
      It's called "me, myself, and I"-itis.

In the Shadow of Easter: The Power of Nothing, by David Smith
      Nothing can be enormously powerful.

Daily Affirmations, by Alan Smith
      Some affirmations aren't effective, but we show you two that are.

Good Morning Glory, Good Morning Grace, by Phil Ware
      God greets us each Sunday with glory and grace!

It Is Finished, by Alan Smith
      How many does it take to finish?

Beauty and the Beast, by Jim McGuiggan
      God loves us even in our ugliness.

Great Trip... Until the Landing!, by Rubel Shelly
      It's not just the journey, it's the destination, too.

Waiting for Mail, by Tom Norvell
      And waiting, and waiting...

Who, Me? Rejoice?, by David Smith
      Find a way to rejoice.

What Are You Wearing?, by Marsha Jordan
      Have you put on Christ?

Thankful, Today!, by Rubel Shelly
      Even in trials, there is reason to be thankful.

It's Not All Relative, by Tom Norvell
      Some things are absolutely true.

Do What You're Good At, by Alan Smith
      You've got a call to be good at something!

Brokenness: A Prelude to Revival, by Robin Smith
      God cares for the broken.

Every Good Rule Needs an Exception, by Rubel Shelly
      Can't we just make an exception?

Making Ourselves Available, by Alan Smith

No Room for Crooks Here, by Rubel Shelly
      Ethical behavior must be our goal.

A Broken Spirit, by Alan Smith
      He will not crush...

Why Go Where You Go?, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      Why do you go to church?

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh!, by Larry Davies
      Have a little fun and laugh!

Worrying Yourself Down the Drain, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Worry erodes your mind...

A Tribute to Missionaries, by Alan Smith
      Let's praise them for their dedication and devotion to Jesus!

God, Not Fatalism, by Edward Fudge
      What is the balance between God's sovreignty and our free will?

Ethopian at a Korean Restaurant, by Dr. Jeff Lee
      Could this be God's plan?

Name Not For Sale, by Robert G. Taylor
      What's your name worth?

Don't Be Gullible!, by Alan Smith
      C'mon folks, don't believe everything you read!

Nightingales in Berkeley Square, by Jim McGuiggan
      He brings life and restoration and refreshment!

Show, Don't Just Tell, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      We can't just tell folks, we've got to show them.

Be Nice, by Tom Norvell
      When do we stop being nice? Hopefully never.

A Lesson in Growing Up, by Rubel Shelly
      It takes courage to admit a mistake.

Making Excuses, by Alan Smith

Just One Thing, by Mark Waltenbaugh
      Can we do just one?

Dying to Live, by Steve Higginbotham
      We must choose to die if you we truly want to live.

Jigsaw Puzzles and Christian Living, by Alan Smith
      A few lessons from an unlikely source.

Frequent Attender Rewards, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Why go to church?

The Ultimate Survivor, by Darlene Franklin
      A dramatic telling of the temptation story.

Who Is Keeping Track?, by Thomas R. Fletcher
      God is watching. He sees.

Amazing Comeback, by Rubel Shelly
      More lessons from Major Applewhite.

A Matter of What You Do With God's Word, by Bill Denton
      Are you wise or foolish?

Tired of God?, by Thomas R. Fletcher
      Could it be? Would you admit it?

The Big and Little of It, by Dr. Bill Denton
      We've got to get things in God's perspective.

Lessons From Snow, by Alan Smith
      It's not always it's cracked up to be.

Disappointment Turns To Joy, by Tom Norvell
      Things can turn around. And they will.

The Glory of the Groom, by Alan Smith
      Hey, the groom's important, too!

Coin of the Realm, by Rubel Shelly
      What's the currency?

White As Snow, by Chad Nall
      You can be pure and sparkling clean.

Never Up, Never In, by Tom Norvell
      You can put all that bad stuff behind you.

Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, by Jim McGuiggan
      The Spirit is the power to change!

Is Jesus Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Jesus isn't going to leave us.

How Gullible Are We?, by Alan Smith
      Are our eyes wide open?

Untried Christianity, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Have we really tried?

Fresh Starts, by Chad Nall
      God has a reset button for your life.

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