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Selfless LoveSelfless Love
by Joseph Mazzella

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    I saw the most beautiful thing this morning at the local grocery store. As I was waiting in the checkout line I saw a small boy in the next lane slowly counting out all of his collected change so that he could buy a candy bar. His mother and even littler brother waited patiently for him at the end of the lane.

    When he finished he politely thanked the cashier and rushed over to his family. Then he broke his candy bar in two and gave his little brother half. The wonderful thing was that as big as the little brother’s smile was, his older brother’s smile was even bigger.

    You know that I have never in my entire life seen a selfish person who was truly happy. I have also never seen a loving and giving person who wasn’t happy and full of joy. It must be that giving, sharing, and happiness all go together.

    I know that I am never more happy than when I am helping another, spreading joy to others, sharing a kind word or a bit of encouragement with someone else, and giving my love to those around me.

Giving, sharing, and happiness all go together.
    The truth is that when you are happy, loving, and full of joy that you want everyone else to be this way as well. You naturally want to share your happiness then, to spread your joy to others, and to give your loving kindness to everyone you meet. The most glorious thing of all, though, is that the more love, joy, and happiness you give the more love, joy, and happiness you have.

    Get into giving then.

    Get into sharing.

    Get into living selflessly, joyously, lovingly, and happily.

    Being able to give is one of the greatest, most beautiful, and most glorious things we can do for others, for ourselves, and for the world.

    God gives us the capacity for endless love, joy, happiness, and delight.

    The least we can do is share it with everyone else.

Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again-rejoice! Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember, the Lord is coming soon. (Philippians 4:4-5)

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      Title: "Selfless Love"
      Author: Joseph Mazzella
      Publication Date: December 3, 2002


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Joseph Mazzella is a member of the JUST A MINUTE writing team. You can contact Joseph direct at joecool@wirefire.com.


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