What Jesus Did! 'No One Knows' — Mark 13:32

Sunday, October 2, 2016

"No person knows when that day or time will be. The Son and the angels in heaven don't know when that day or time will be. Only the Father knows."
— Mark 13:32
Illustration of Mark 13:32 — "No person knows when that day or time will be. The Son and the angels in heaven don't know when that day or time will be. Only the Father knows."

Key Thought

The greatest secret of all time is the exact day and hour of the Lord's return. So if no one knows, what should our response be to this knowledge? Doubt? Frustration? Disappointment? No! We know the heart of God because we have seen his heart revealed to us by Jesus. We know he desires us to be saved and come to him through Jesus. We know that he spared no expense to redeem and adopt us into his family. So knowing what we know about God, we can be sure that his promises can always be trusted and that our future is secure. Our task is to live for God and be ready for his Son's return.

Today's Prayer

Father, please bless me and help me remain diligent in my faith and welcome Jesus when he returns. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Today's Verses in Context

"The fig tree teaches us a lesson: When the fig tree's branches become green and soft, and new leaves begin to grow, then you know that summer is near. It is the same with these things that I told you would happen. When you see all these things happening, then you will know that the time is near, ready to come. I tell you the truth. All these things will happen while people of this time are still living. The whole world, earth and sky, will be destroyed. But the words I have said will never be destroyed. "No person knows when that day or time will be. The Son and the angels in heaven don't know when that day or time will be. Only the Father knows. Be careful! Always be ready! You don't know when that time will be. This is like a man that goes on a trip and leaves his house. The man lets his servants take care of the house. He gives each servant a special job to do. One servant has the work of guarding the door. The man tells this servant to always be ready. This is the same as I am now telling you. So you must always be ready. You don't know when the owner of the house will come back. He might come in the afternoon, or at midnight, or in the early morning, or when the sun rises. The owner might come back quickly. If you are always ready, then he will not find you sleeping. I tell you this, and I say this to every person: 'Be ready!'"

Mark 13:28-37

Related Scripture Readings

Now, brothers and sisters, we don't need to write to you about times and dates. You know very well that the day the Lord comes again will be {a surprise} like a thief who comes at night.

1 Thessalonians 5:1-2

I say these things because you know that we live in an important time. Yes, it is now time for you to wake up from your sleep. Our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. The night is almost finished. The day is almost here. So we should stop doing things that belong to darkness (sin). We should prepare ourselves to fight evil with the weapons that belong to the light (good). We should live in a right way, like people that belong to the day. We should not have wild and wasteful parties. We should not be drunk. We should not do sexual sins or sin in any way with our bodies. We should not cause arguments and trouble or be jealous. But become like the Lord Jesus Christ, so when people see what you do, they will see Christ. Don't think about how to satisfy your sinful self and the bad things you want to do.

Romans 13:11-14

So all of you should live together in peace. Try to understand each other. Love each other like brothers. Be kind and humble. Don't do wrong to a person to pay him back for doing wrong to you. Or don't say something bad to a person to pay him back for saying something bad to you. But {ask God to} bless that person. Do this, because you yourselves were called to receive a blessing. {The Scripture says,} "If a person wants to enjoy life and to have many good days, that person must stop speaking evil and stop telling lies. That person must stop doing evil and do good; that person should look for peace and try to get it. The Lord sees the good people, and the Lord listens to their prayers. But the Lord is against those people that do evil." If you are always trying to do good, then no person can really hurt you.

1 Peter 3:8-13


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