Quotemeal: Apr. 17th, 2021

Saturday, April 17, 2021

"Over the long run, love's power to forgive is stronger than hate's power to get even."
— Lewis B. Smedes

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"The little troubles and worries of life may be as stumbling blocks in our way, or we may make them stepping-stones to a nobler character and to Heaven. Troubles..."
"A life in thankfulness releases the glory of God."
"Nobody can fight properly and boldly for the faith if he clings to a fear of being stripped of earthly possessions."
Peter Damian
"There are... few stronger indications of ignorance of the power and evil of sin than the confident assertion of our ability to resist and subdue it."


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Illustration of Lewis B. Smedes — "Over the long run, love's power to forgive is stronger than hate's power to get even."

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