Quotemeal: Apr. 17th, 2021

Saturday, April 17, 2021

"Over the long run, love's power to forgive is stronger than hate's power to get even."
— Lewis B. Smedes

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"Jesus gave history a new beginning. In every land He is at home...His birthday is kept across the world. His death-day has set a gallows against every city..."
"We're in spiritual combat - cosmic combat for the heart and soul of humankind."
Chuck Colson
"It is easier to renounce worldly possessions than it is to renounce the love of them."
"Victory is the place where our breaking point becomes our turning point."
L. Burt


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Illustration of Lewis B. Smedes — "Over the long run, love's power to forgive is stronger than hate's power to get even."

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