Two Minute Meditations (Page 2) 2003 Archives

No Wasted Space

Fill it back up!

The Long, Slow Road to Freedom

Be free!

The Masterpiece

You are his masterpiece.

Too Many Blanks!

Think about it.

Take It To The Bank

Count on it!

No 'Buts' About It

No excuses now.

Goodbye to My Disappointed Eyes

Walking the Clutch

Keep moving.

Mother to Miracles

Fingerprints of God

God crafted you.

The Most Necessary Ingredient

It makes everything better...

The Silent Terrorist of Hope and Evangelism

A silent killer is troubling the church in Asia.

Friends at First Light

A story of friends and friendship in the worst possible circumstances.

Fickle Friends

From one extreme to the other...

No Shrink-Wrap Here

Be real.

Night Vision

Darkness is no match for God.

Preaching to the Preacher

A little down time does wonders.

6:55 Pajamas

It's time to relax.

Arms Outstretched

Our trust is in the one on the cross.

The War That Never Lets Up

Clean Start February Morning

Even in a bleak February, there can be a new start.

Whatever Happened to Whitewalls?

Styles change, but our commitment must stay the same.

A Special Kind of Romance

Valentine's recalls a special love.

Beyond the Valentines Day Blahs

Somebody loves you!

A Prayerful Pause

Before we go rushing off into war, it's time to pray.