Two Minute Meditations 2003 Archives

Turn Out the Lights or Light the Fire?

What will you do with the dying of the year?

Jesus Is Born

Can Jesus really be born again?

Cleaning Up Our Father's Messes

What will our children have to clean up after we are gone?

Passing Records

Someone really will turn down their name in the record book?

Identity Theft?

Don't let Satan rob you of your identity in the Lord.

Delays of Grace

What good can we find in a major delay?


How can we ever get out of simply reacting to crises?

The Least of These?

How do you treat those that you don't have to be nice to?


How can I cluster my time effectively?

Sloggin' Through

How are you going to get it all done?


How can we overcome humiliation?

God's Amazing Majesty and Grace

Can we dare speak with such familiarity to our holy and majestic God?

In Our Path

The Little Things

Angels of Grace

They can be incredible messengers.


Let's face it - we're flawed.


It's not a bad word.

And the Greatest Is...

A big thank you to the workers.

Will He Ever Answer?

Not Enough Cups or Too Many People

A Dash of Spice

YOU can make a difference in someone's life.

Put to the Test

Let's ask some tough questions.

An UN Example

Some examples it's best to avoid.

Hold Up!

What's holding you back?

A Stroke of Courage