Two Minute Meditations (Page 2) 1999 Archives


The blessings—and the curses—of the Net.

Somewhere Down the Road: For Daddy Al

A Father's Day letter.

Retire from Ministry?

What? What are we thinking?

Just Doing My Job: I’m a Teacher

Thank God for teachers!

Boy I Blew It!

You’ve never made a mistake, have you?

Give Her the Praise She Deserves!

Rise up and call her blessed!

Little Things

The devil is in the details.

A Ray of Light in the Dark Night of Our Soul

Violence and evil permeate this world. But there's hope.

Seed Time

Spring brings renewal.

The Blessing

Children are a precious gift, and an amazing blessing.


We are filled because of an empty tomb.

Crouching at Your Door

We can — we must — master sin.

Get Away and Rest

"Come with me and rest."

God’s Horizon

He paints on a big canvas.

Breakfast of Champions

Are you starting the day right?

A Message from the Son

God loves us.

Sleeping Our Way to the Bottom

Awaken your faithfulness.

It’s Not Worth the Heartburn

Let go.

A Little Taste of Heaven

Won’t it be great?

Waiting for the Party to Begin


Cleaning Out

Get rid of the clutter.