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Windshield or Bug?

Some days, I find that I'm a little of both!

Larry Davies talks about a morning of tranquility shattered by an unexpected event with his son and then realizes that some days you are the windshield and some days you are the bug!

Breath of Heaven

Has God's wind blown through you this season?

Phil Ware talks about the Holy Spirit and the importance of the Spirit in Jesus' conception, birth, and all that is tied to it.

Flexible Trees

Can you sway without breaking or falling?

Mike Barres reminds us that we need to be like trees: flexible, rooted, connected, and built on the rock.

The Inflatable Christmas

Wow, can you blow up your Christmas season?

Tom Norvell compares the inflatable Christmas yard decorations to the inflatable Christians and religious people that Jesus criticized.

From the Window Seat

What can you see from where you are sitting?

Tom takes a ride on an airliner and from the window seat remembers how important it is to look at things from another perspective, God's perspective.

Storm Peace

Can you rest securely when the storm winds blow?

We can pray for our families and our children to help be prepared for the difficult times come.

September Song

Can we draw closer in the latter years of our life?

We don't have to grow dim as we age, we can grow closer to God!

Window to the Heart of God

Can we know how God felt when His Son died?

Mary helps us understand what it must have been like for God; she is the window to God's heart.

Forced Out of My Rut

What will it tke to get you out of your rut?

God wants us to get out of our ruts and find the new things and new people he has set in our paths.