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50 Years

Some things echo through time and their sounds never really leave your ears.

Phillip Morrison, with a few words of introduction by Phil Ware, reflects on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the events that include Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby and the time that all of America became a church.

Could Anything Else Be More Bizarre?

How does this happen?

Rubel Shelly tells of a tragic murder in a family over a soccer game and a TV show about faith.

How Much Dirt?

When does a little filth become too much?

Russ Lawson challenges us to look at the way filth and dirt get into our lives and contaminate them and challenges us to pursue holiness and purity.

Choosing to Be Positive

How can you keep a good attitude at a time like this?

Rubel Shelly shares with us the story of Beverly Sills and how she has kept a positive attitude through hardship and disappointment and reminds us that we can choose our state of mind.

What the Kids Pick Up

What are your kids hearing in the background and from you?

Kids hear all sorts of things in the background of the world via the radio and tv, how are we helping them process this?


What do you have growing in your path?

We need to keep our thought life free of weeds.

Times are Changing

So you think you have it figured out? It's going to change!

With everything in our lives changing all the time, it is very nice to know that Jesus doesn't change.