Articles Tagged 'Toddler'

Where to Reach

I knew the picture looked different zoomed out.

Melissa Troyer reminds us of those mistakes made by our little ones when they are in their early exploration modes and how our job is not to load them down with rules but to show them where to reach.

Trickle Down Parenting

How can I start the trickle down effect in my family?

Joe Beam shares the concept of trickle down parenting by demonstrating with a couple of parents of a baby and toddler.

How to Think of God

Do you see God in the face and actions of a young child?

Rubel Shelly's night with a little girl in a restaurant reminds him of who God actually is.


Wouldn't you have been upset?

Sarah Stirman writes about a time her husband didn't quite follow through on getting their pre-school kids to Bible class and she gets angry, but the Lord challenges her to forgive!

Ahead of My Time

When is running late being ahead of schedule?

Sometimes when we are running late, God gets our attention anyway and helps us make it to our destination on time.

Lights Out

What can we learn from a toddler over-using the light switch?

God's authority, his love and discipline, are for our good and our blessing, not our punishment.

Eternal Gifts

What's eternal about about a power blue baby outfit?

So many things we have are temporary, but the ones that are most important are the ones that help us hang on to the eternal.