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Healing and Health for Our Broken World

One of the important areas of our focus for our shared hour of prayer is the healing and health of our world and the people in our world.

Phil Ware shares Scriptures, stories, and ideas to help us prepare for the hour of worldwide unified prayer for our broken world, especially focused on healing and health for our broken world.

Alzheimer's and Jesus

My Dad has Alzheimer's and it makes me think about Jesus.

It is hard to see the real person behind the Alzheimer's. But they are there. Someday they will be whole again. I believe.

It Was an Earthquake

It actually bounced me off my seat.. So what did I learn about life from an earthquake?

My earthquake happened without warning and it helped me see what was important to remember about the earthquakes of life.

There Will Be another Tragedy

What does a Christian believe in the face of one tragedy after another?

There will be another tragedy somewhere today. Christians overcome our tragedies because of what we believe about this world.