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Twenty-five: A Quarter Century of Grace

The Lord is not finished surprising us with His grace and power if we live for His purposes.

Phil Ware takes time to reflect on twenty-five years on the web and to give thanks for those who got them there and for the Lord who continues to do miracles among us.

What They See Is What You Really Love

What do you really love?

What we really love shines through and shows others our heart and will reveal or not reveal our passion for God.

Battery Life and Shining Lights

What does it take to keep your battery charged?

Keeping us going in ministry, keeping our lights shining, requires us to spend time alone with God.

Don't Be a Diamond in the Darkness

Let Him fill you with light.

Brothers and sisters, without Christ, we are diamonds in a dark room. We cannot shine and display all the wondrous beauty God made us to have without His light.