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Learn to Put the Big Rocks on Your Calendar First

What goes down on your calendar first this year?

Rick Brown reminds us of what the big rocks, the big things, are in our lives to ourselves and to God.


Do you prioritize what you schedule or do you schedule your priorities?

Rubel Shelly reminds us of Stephen Covey and living by priorities rather than just prioritizing the things we schedule.


Are you too busy to find God in the ordinary?

Paul Faulkner reminds us that we can get so busy that we fail to find God in the everyday world where he meets us.

Too Busy with Christmas for Church

Can't get to church on Christmas because of other stuff?

Some folks are canceling church service on Christmas day, but isn't that missing the point of why we have Christmas in the first place?

Night Night Moon

When do you forget the schedule and live in the moment?

While we need schedules, our children must take precedence over our schedule.