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Our Donation Drive Is Underway!

We appreciate your prayers and financial support!

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Just Trying to Help

Can you find the energy to do something?

People are ready to help in the Katrina crisis, thank God!

Please Pause to Pray

Will you take a moment and pause for this special kind of prayer?

We need to pray for those who giving of their time, effort, energy, and themselves to be involved in the relief, recovery, and clean up in post Katrina aftermath.

Between Two Doors

How do we get un-stuck in a situation like this?

We often find ourselves stuck between two doors and needing rescue, but we trust the Lord to help us out and through.

The First to See the Sunrise

Why would anyone live in such a place of discomfort and danger?

Christians are called to be in the place of danger to help others find their way home to safe harbor.