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Christmas Clause

Would people really want to take Christ our the nativity?

A preacher gets in trouble talking about Christmas on Sunday, but warns that the world will take Christ out of Christmas.

Thank You Rosa Parks

Isn't it time we said it?

what we can learn from Rosa Parks' simple act of courage and defiance.

Game Over

When will it all stop?

The comparison game hurts us no matter what side of the game we play on.

Confused about Spirituality?

What does it really mean to be spiritual?

Most people are baffled and empty headed in terms of real spirituality?


How do you feel about new things?

Being unwilling to learn new things is a key to failure and an arrogance based in false pride and stubborn prejudice.

Those Less Welcome?

How are we doing at welcoming in those not everyone else likes?

We must welcome those other reject and leave out because that is what Jesus did.

Of Goats and Prejudices

Who is your old goat?

Listen to how you talk about others and see what you find: is it prejudice or humility?

A Place at Dinner with Jesus

Who would you have eat with you at your table?

We show our fellowship and friendship through those for whom we extend table fellowship and meals.

The Least of These?

How do you treat those that you don't have to be nice to?

How we treat the folks we don't HAVE to be nice to reveals a whole lot about us.