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ToGather: Freed to Serve

Jesus paid the price to free us from sin, death, and hell so we could serve others in love.

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Performance Based Systems

We are saved by God's action, not our action.

God sent his Son to die for our sins. We cannot be good enough to save ourselves. We cannot be bad enough that God's grace cannot save us.

Life Balance

Are you too hard on yourself?

Perfectionism is not a godly trait, but a trait that makes life miserable and puts us out of balance.

Audience of One

Who are you performing to please?

So often we judge how important an event is by how many are expected to show up and base our efforts accordingly -- but this is wrong, because our real audience is God.

Good Enough

As God-followers, we can do better than just good enough.

Mediocrity is so commonplace we've come to accept it as normal. But as Christians we're called to a higher standard of excellence.