It's everywhere.

Call it what you will: banal, standard, par, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, middling, nondescript, middle-of-the-road, average or unimpressive. What we're talking about is mediocrity.

Mediocrity is so commonplace we've come to accept it as normal. Some of us even cling to mediocrity as our right. Just think about it...

That irritating vibration in the dashboard of your new car. A new shirt that begins to unravel after its first wash. A store with cluttered shelves. Airline food.

A movie theater with sticky floors. A waiter or waitress who can't tell you what's in the dishes he or she serves. An empty paper towel dispenser in the restroom. Over-brewed coffee.

A car mechanic that puts cheap parts back in your car. A newspaper with poor spelling. A painter who uses cut-rate paint on your house. A tool that never works quite right. A wobbly table.

A cell phone that loses its connection. A sports team that loses half its games. The hardware salesman who acts like you're an imposition. "Customer Service" departments. Stale tea.

Excellence makes it easy to care.
Dirty window washing solution at the gas station. Confusing instructions for assembling a child's toy. A new book whose pages come unglued from the binding. Newly developed photographs whose color is slightly off. An ill-prepared worship leader.

Funny thing though! Excellence stands out like the brightest star or the best team. It lifts your spirits. It warms your heart. Excellence makes it easy to care. Excellence makes you want to join. Just think about it ....

Fresh paint. Clean carpet. Attractive surroundings. Lovely music. Deep spirituality. Genuine compassion. Well-prepared teachers. Good food. Sincere friendliness. Clear presentation of scripture.

Call it what you will: outstanding, superb, winsome, beautiful, excellent, first-rate, tremendous, exceptional, God-honoring. The opposite of mediocrity.