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Just Part of the Job

A brain injury and a call for the maintenance man?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that the real challenge is to be resourceful and take our meager resources and big challenges and put them in the hands of the Living God.


How can we get out of those hard and fast ruts?

Mike Barres talks about his gravel driveway and how it gets full of ruts and how he goes about avoiding them and then he challenges us to avoid living in the ruts we have made in our churches and our lives.

Fish Sticks, Turkey, Ducks and a Goose

Had any fish sticks lately?

So often we don't try new things and stay stuck in our rut rather than seeing God's opportunities and call to be God's people.

New Things

Don't give up on the New Year quite yet, God has new things in store!

Even though the holidays are over and gone, this can be a year God shows us new things!

Annoying Interruptions or Divine Appointments

How do you feel about the people who interrupt your day?

Many of Jesus' miracles began as interruptions in his daily schedule.

Missed Opportunities

Don't sit there waiting for the right horse to come along!

If we wait too long for the right opportunity to come along, we'll miss our chance to serve, bless, and help!

Last Things

Are they last or are they lasting?

Leaving is not forever for Christians and good-bye is just see you later.