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A Visit Over Coffee

Who was she really talking with?

A woman talking to herself reminds us our need to engage in conversation in meaningful ways with others.

The Story They Missed!

Why weren't these things mentioned?

The whole news media ignored the biggest story of the hurricanes -- the overwhelming help, compassion, and generosity of people to help their neighbors.

Help for Katrina's Victims

What can I do to help?

Help for Katrina victims is crucial and is somethign that any Christian is going to do to help his or her neighbor.

Lady and Champ

Can letting go help us go on to greater things?

A move that left Kelly missing two neighbors and their pets left a hole in heart until she realized that God had filled her life with new friends and new pets.

Stirring Up Emotions

Can there be more than recipes in those cookbooks?

Our offers of love and friendship enrich us and bless others.