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How Will You Be Remembered?

Will those who come behind us find us faithful?

How we are remembered will have a huge impact on our how our children's lives turn out.

Proving Them Wrong

Have you spotted a hero in the making the lately?

Most of us get discounted, rejected, or turned away at some time or another: but God looks at our heart and doesn't give up on us!


Can a failure be useful again?

Just as key people did with John Mark in moving him from failure to useful, so too, good leaders must recycle.

The Kids Behind You

Who will step up and point the way?

The generation coming behind us, the millenials, are not hopeless at all, but we must step up and help guide them.

Better Get Used to It, Mr. McNair

Don't just hate being called that?

An experience of Steve Mc Nair at training camp becomes the opportunity for all of us to remember we teach and train others.

Learning from the Wizard

What can you learn about life from the Wizard?

Learn life lessons from John Wooden about character, not just about basketball.


I will miss him!

Some people make an indelible memory on your heart because they are servants.


Can you remember who helped you the most?

Let's focus on the people who have been a blessing, a strength, an encouragement, and not on the baser side of things: let's honor our leaders and mentors.


How can we ever get out of simply reacting to crises?

So often leaders do not do their most important work, living out God's purpose for them, because they are so busy handling problems and crises.

Domonic's Fan Club

Do you have someone who needs you to believe in him?

Some folks are just needing someone to believe in them and take a shot at helping them make it; are we willing?