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The Baby Changed Everything

How does something like this happen?

Rubel Shelly tells a story about Tommy Luck and the baby that transformed a rough mining town and then reminds us Jesus did the same thing with the world.

Oprah and a Big Orange Pot

What's a woman to do with a big orange pot?

Teresa Bell Kindred talks about the graduation of her twins, Oprah retiring and a big orange pot to cook roast in.

Am I Lucky ... Or What?

Who is responsible for the good things that happen to me?

Good things happen in this world. I believe that God is the source of the these in the lives of his people. It is not "dumb luck" or "blind fate."

Anxious Hearts

What are you worried about?

Most of what we worry about never happens; so let's trust the future to the Lord.

Tamale Pie

Who do you remember at your potluck dinners?

Potluck dinners are more about the fellowship than the food.

A "Lucky" Break

Sometimes when things look worst, God is working to make something good~

Sometimes our worst moments are exactly the moments when God surprises us with joy.

Do You Feel Lucky?

Do you want to be lucky or blessed?

Luck has many definitions depending upon those with whom you visit; but Christians are blessed!