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It's All About People!

Through the years and all the changes, one thing remains true about the heart of God.

Phillip Morrison reminds us in the shadow of Independence Day about the many inconsistencies when principles are first applied, yet he also urges us to be patient and gracious and open to the needs of all people.

Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land

Let's celebrate TRUE freedom

Despite common misconceptions, freedom is not granted by governments, nor won on a battlefield. True freedom comes from God and God alone.


Will you accept this one, it's still valid!

Bill talks about all sorts of invitations that have been made and how they have all been rescinded or taken away, but Jesus offered one that won't ever go away, come to me and I will give you rest.

He Has No Hold on Me

Are you truly free?

Don't you wish you could say, like Jesus said, that the devil or Satan has no hold on you?