Articles Tagged 'Judging'

'I Don't Judge People'

Are you so sure you don't judge people?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that we have to make correct judgments about many things and many people, the secret is not being judgmental.

Going to the Dogs

What can we learn from this faithful friend?

Teresa draws a parallel between what we can learn from our dogs and what we can learn from Jesus.

Loving the Person Who Isn't 'One of Us'

Who do you believe is

Rubel Shelly writes about the serious subject of unity and division and the way we view and deal with those who are not one of us.

The Judging Business

What right do we have to pass judgement on anyone else?

God wants us to be humble, but he doesn't want to get down on ourselves or judge ourselves or anyone else, he chose us and will us to his glory.

Finding Fault

Are we guilty of being critical of others who do what we do?

Are we criticizing others for the very things we are doing?

The Tear from God's Eye

What was that we saw falling to earth?

We can't really know anyone else's story without being able to view it from the perspective of God and God sheds a tear when we judge each other falsely.


Why is it so hard to forgive?

We've got to deal with our own unforgiving spirit.