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It Is Finished

How can we complete all that we were meant to accomplish?

Jesus accomplished all he was sent to do because he put God's kingdom and his righteousness first.


How can anyone say they have done all that they set out to do?

Jesus finished his work, accomplished his mission, completed his task, passed his test, and when his life was over he was victorious.

The Most Expensive Meal in History

What's the most you have ever paid for a meal?

While the most expensive meal in history was billed as an overcharge on a credit card, it really is a meal provided by our sin.

Just Don't Hurt My Kid!

What is every parent's instinct?

God's sacrifice of Jesus should amaze, humble, and change us.

Memorable Memorial

What have you broken open for the Lord?

The woman anointed Jesus with perfume and Jesus made sure no one would ever forget it.

Love in Any Language

Can you communicate love across races, cultures, and language?

God communicated his love in a way that people of every language can understand: he did it through Jesus' death on the Cross.