Articles Tagged 'Humor'

Yogi and Red Trucks

Don't you have any of those red trucks to send?

Rubel Shelly reminds us of the character who was Yogi Berra and reminds us that we need to be certain about our communication.

A Little Something Extra

What do you have to share with others that is a little extra?

Katha Winther shares a tradition she picked up from her mother and that we should pass along to others along the way: give a little something extra.


How can we receive grace and still be so ungracious?

Danny Sims uses a cartoon and touch of humor to remind us that we did not discover grace!

Can't Keep Your Mouth Shut?

It's really hard to do, isn't it!

Alan Smith talks about how hard it is to keep our mouth shut using a humorous story about a police trooper and an English professor.

Ready to Vanish Away

Are you ready?

Alan Smith reminds us that we are all vanishing away, our bodies grow older and we face challenges, but understanding this and what it means to us is dependent upon our relationship with Christ.

Too Slow or Too Hasty?

How do you know what the right pace really is?

Alan Smith laments the fact that discerning the time is very hard -- whether we are too hasty or too slow, but seeking God is the only way.

Whatever the Need

Are you ready to trust Jesus with your need?

God longs to help supply us with our need, just as he did with the apostles trying to feed the 5000.

Beyond the 'Not Good'

When was the last time you emphasized how much he or she means to you?

God made men and women as complements of each other and we need each other.

Add-On Options

What needs to be added to your options?

God doesn't charge us for his extras -- aren't you glad!

Margin, Anyone?

The harder we work, the behinder we get.

So often we push everything to the edge... we have just enough money, we're always running just slightly behind, we're always returning our video rentals late, we're going right up to the deadline on every project. Wouldn't it be nice to have some margin,