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Sometimes We Have to Eat Our Words

This is not something you want to have to choke down!

We can't understand everything and we can't fix everything and being in the presence of God helps humble us to that truth.

The Tear from God's Eye

What was that we saw falling to earth?

We can't really know anyone else's story without being able to view it from the perspective of God and God sheds a tear when we judge each other falsely.

Standing in the Presence of God

Who do you see in the sunset's last light?

God's presence comes to us in many ways during the course of an average day; but are we looking for presence and to we respond with humility?

Sheep and Cats

Can cats go astray?

We are like sheep, who go astray and need to be brought back; but in our pride we often act like cats and pretend we did nothing wrong.

Of Goats and Prejudices

Who is your old goat?

Listen to how you talk about others and see what you find: is it prejudice or humility?

He is "I Am"

How do we really help people with low self-esteem?

We are given remarkable freedom in Jesus; we can become like him.

Flat On Our Backs ... In Prayer

Can we get any Kingdom work done flat on our backs?

Humility is often the doorway to some of our greatest work for God, especially when it involves prayer.

The Least of These?

How do you treat those that you don't have to be nice to?

How we treat the folks we don't HAVE to be nice to reveals a whole lot about us.