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Oprah and a Big Orange Pot

What's a woman to do with a big orange pot?

Teresa Bell Kindred talks about the graduation of her twins, Oprah retiring and a big orange pot to cook roast in.

God's Gift of Family Grace

Sometimes the biggest story at church is not one you know!

Phil Ware shares a Mothers' Day story of God's grace and the reunion of a family brought together through adoption.

Radical Love, Radical Forgiveness

Does our love have to be so irrational?

Byron Ware reacts to a message he heard related to his daughter's graduation.

A Time for Every Purpose

What 15 is it in your life?

We must learn to use the time that we have to do enjoy the things of life and do the work of God.

A Prayer for our Child

What is on your heart this graduation?

A prayer for graduating seniors by parents.

Time Flies

How fast does your time go?

Life passes by so quickly, let's enjoy and savor today.

Precious Memories, Graduation, and Lisa

What do you think about at graduation?

Graduation brings a time for a father to reflect on his daughter's love for making friends, even among four legged creatures.

Living Your Dream

Are you living the dream God placed inside you?

God has placed a dream in each of our hearts and we will not be satisfied until we find it.