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Good People Need Jesus Too

Since I already am a good person, why do I need Jesus?

Good people still need Jesus. He is the only way to God because he is the only man to ever live a life good enough to spend eternity with God.

Where Am I on the List?

We all want to know where we rank compared to everyone else. So what about God? Does he have a list?

The problem with making a list of who is most likely to get to heaven is that we compare ourselves to other men and not to God.

How Good Is Good enough, because I'm pretty Good

How good do you have to be to get into heaven?

As long as we can find someone worse than us, we think we are good enough to get into heaven. That kind of thinking misses the point.

That's Good News!

What's all this religious stuff about, anyway?

Ron Rose puts the purpose of God and Scripture in the context of Jesus and what God wants to do with us, bless us, and teach us to love and forgive.

Here I Am, Please Send Someone Else

How do we face down our own inadequacies for the challenges we face?

Mike Barres reminds us that inadequacy is an opportunity for God's power to be displayed and God to be glorified.

A Cry for Excellence

Is this the best we can do?

While we can get frustrated with a lack of excellence in service in the world, we can never justify doing just enough and stopping short of giving God the best.