Articles Tagged 'God's Love'

All Undone

Can the Lord help put me back together so I can keeping serving those I server for Him?

Michele Howe shares with us a poignant story of a woman caregiver and the loss of a client, or patient, and friend, and how it wipes her out and discourages her until she finds a way to bless this friend and her family and goes to the Father in prayer.

Surprised by Love

Could this be the greatest love story of all?

Love is unpredictable and that is the real meaning of love, that God would do the unexpected to love us and draw us to himself.

Buy Your Own Gifts!

Anything in your Christmas envelope?

An older lady's mistake with Christmas envelopes reminds us that God never forgets to pay for our gifts!

This Time, Giving Up is Winning

Can you ever think of when giving up is ever good?

Jesus gave up his spirit, but he did not give up his mission, his mercy, his grace.

Love is Learned

Can you see how God loves you as you hold a child in your arms?

We learn to love from God because as a baby, and even a full grown adult, we really don't know how to love.

Who Could Ask for More?

Have you ever thought how much God cares for you?

A little girls interruptions become the occasion for seeing how much God loves and listens to us.

What They See Is What You Really Love

What do you really love?

What we really love shines through and shows others our heart and will reveal or not reveal our passion for God.

Deeper Than That

How deep is His love?

No matter how we understand God's love, it is deeper than we can imagine.

A Child of God

Who are you?

Despite the ugliness we know lies within us, we are treasured and precious to God.

Safe With Dad

Can we trust that we are really safe?

God is always there to care for us and keep us from ultimate harm.

No Pain Like Your Child's Pain

How could God allow His Son to do it for us?

It hurts to see our children experiencing pain so imagine how God feels about our pain!

Love in Any Language

Can you communicate love across races, cultures, and language?

God communicated his love in a way that people of every language can understand: he did it through Jesus' death on the Cross.