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Star Bright

What difference does one twinkling star really make?

Phil Ware reflects upon the star the Magi saw and puts it in its context of astrologers from Iran who recognized Jesus as King of the Jews and the religious leaders among the Jews who tried to kill him.

The Grinch that Stole Mommy

How do I order that talking gnome?

Jenny Runkel admits that Christmas really stresses her out and she finds a way to cope.

The Sin of Living too Cautiously

Are you willing to risk to honor God?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that caution rooted in the fear of God can be a bad thing when we are trying to serve him with the gifts he has given us to be used for his glory.

Jess, to His Friends

What a big difference one stuck key can make!

Lisa Mikitarian has a sticking key on her laptop, the letter "U" and it makes things look a little strange but it helps remind her how everyone is important!

Give Thee or Give Me

What's in it for God?

Bill Sherrill reminds us that the spirit of the Christmas season is giving, not receiving and that we need to be a people with a spirit of thanksgiving.

The Best Gifts

Can you turn loose what you have to find the joy you don't have?

Ron Rose reminds us that the best gifts are those we keep in circulation by sharing them with others.

Thanksgiving and Walking the Boundaries

So what can we do to bless our churches this next year as we thank God this year?

Larry Davies offers a Thanksgiving check up for churches and their leaders as he explores things that make for healthy churches.

If You're Not Sure of Your Part

How do you find your part?

Alan Smith talks about a junior high music teacher whose students didn't play.

The Best Gifts

Are you still trying to buy love at Christmas?

Priceless memories that you make with those you love are far more valuable and enduring gifts than anything you can purchase with money.

Gifts of the Heart

Are you giving from the heart?

Giving gifts at Christmas helps us understand and appreciate the importance of people in our lives.

An Old Timer in His Service

Are you getting a little too old for this?

We must live for God's purpose and also seek to be useful.

Use or Lose!

Are you using what God has given you?

God has given us all special abilities. If we use them, then God is glorified, but if we don't, we'll lose those abilities.

Baby Worship

Why make such a long and costly trip to see a baby?

Why would anyone want to seek Jesus? Just to worship him!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

What does your neighborhood look like?

What would happen if we matched our Christmas decorations spending with help for those in need?

The Strawberry

Why eat a strawberry when pursued by a cougar?

God is in control and our job is to make the most of the life we are given.

Good and Perfect Gifts

Bet you couldn't get the wrinkles out of these pants!

Some people give crazy gifts, but God gives great gifts, but do we stop and thank Him for them?

Be Used by God

What can God do through you?

God uses ordinary people to do his amazing work.

Valuable Possessions

How many do you have?

We have been blessed with so many wonderful things by God.

Eternal Gifts

What's eternal about about a power blue baby outfit?

So many things we have are temporary, but the ones that are most important are the ones that help us hang on to the eternal.