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Easter is Still with Us?

We're done with leftovers and the eggs are put away, but Easter still remains!

Rubel Shelly reminds us that Easter is not over as long as Jesus' followers, Christians, his disciples, live out the evidence of his resurrection in their lives by the way they treat others.

God and My DNA

Scientists used to think 98% of our DNA was useless and used that to argue against the existence of God. Wrong.

Some used the fact that 98% of our DNA was not functional as an arguement against the existence of God. Now they know that over 80% of our DNA is functional. God did know what he was doing.

Seeing God

When was the last time you saw God?

Creations shows us God, if we're only willing to look.

I Cannot Prove God Exists

If I cannot prove scientifically that God exists, why do I believe in Him?

A created being is not able to scientifically prove the existence of the Creator. But the evidence of God is everywhere we look.

Who Cares What Your Children Pray?

Should I stay?

Joe Beam talks about the damage to children because of divorce using scientific evidence to refute the anecdotal "God wants me to be happy" excuse said so often.