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My Refrigerator Kid

She had jumped off my fridge and into my heart.

MeLissa LeFleur shares the her story about sponsoring a child through Compassion International.


Sometimes it take the unbelievable to shake up a believer.

The story of reuniting with my sponsored child.

From Surviving to Thriving

My life has been forever changed — and thankfully, so has Edison's.

The Child Survival Program from Compassion International is making great strides for mothers and babies in Ecuador.

Compassionate People

Compassion employees are actually compassionate people, too.

I never imagined to be so deeply moved by another group of people: the employees of Compassion.

Giving What Can't Be Kept

If you can't keep something, why not give it up?

There is nothing foolish about turning our back on the things of this life in order to gain a life that has no end.