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Co-Heirs with Christ

Paul's declaration to the Galatians is a racial, social, and gender earthquake.

Phil Ware continues his series of articles on the role of women and God's plan for women in Jesus' church; this week focuses on Paul's liberating statements in Galatians 3:26-29 and Romans 8.

It Was an Earthquake

It actually bounced me off my seat.. So what did I learn about life from an earthquake?

My earthquake happened without warning and it helped me see what was important to remember about the earthquakes of life.

Solid Ground or Sinking Sand?

What are you building your life upon?

Phil Ware continues his series on The Story by looking at Peter's confession of Jesus and how Jesus takes flawed, broken, messed-up people and builds his church that is unstoppable.

Riding Out Life's Tsunamis

Do we have the courage to face the waves head on?

Rubel Shelly shares insight into one survivor of the tsunami and how his courage has opened the door for the people of his island to survive.


You're not getting any younger!

Our world is messed up, and that's nothing new. Ever since the Fall, things have been in a state of imperfection.

Each Has a Name

Let's begin somewhere, doing something, and not just talk about it!

Phil Ware talks about our broken world, spring, the tsunami and earthquakes in Japan, and the Lord's prayer.

God Is

What is our hope in times of uncertainty?

Hope and help in times of trouble come from God who is ... always is.

Psalm 46

Sometimes we have to save over and over till we believe it!

Psalm 46