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His Power Becomes Our Power

When we wait on the Holy Spirit, we are anticipating God's power to work through us to God's glory!

Max Lucado reminds us to wait on the Holy Spirit to come with power.

A Home for Jesus

Let's prepare a place for Jesus

Christ could have a mansion in the Bronx or any palace he chose, but he has decided to live in me. He has made a home in my heart, giving me life, guiding me in the way I should go. My job is to follow his lead and become like him, become like the one who

Co-heirs with Christ

Paul blows away the confusion and declares us all equally heirs of God's promise!

Phil Ware continues his series on the way God values a woman and how Pentecost begins a new humanity that is to work itself out in the life of Jesus' people, the church.

A Temporary Dwelling

Everything happens so quickly!

Tom Norvell reminds us that life is temporary and should mean so much so let's grasp what is good and godly while we are here.

SpiritFire - More than Near

How close is God to us?

Phil Ware shares insight in his SpiritFire series on the Holy Spirit and reminds us of the incredible promises of God's nearness and personal indwelling in us through the Holy Spirit.

SpiritFire: God's Dwelling Place

Who is alive in you?

Phil Ware continues his series on SpiritFire focusing on our bodies being the Temple of God in which God lives by His Holy Spirit.

Unlocking the Mystery

Can you unlock the mystery?

Alan Smith talks about the concept of mystery from Colossians and Ephesians and how God has revealed his mystery.