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Dark Night of the Soul

Do you want to find God in the dark night of the soul?

Sometimes the dark night of the soul is exactly what we need to experience to let go of what we need to jettison and grab ahold again of God.

Holiday Jesus?

Are you going to take Jesus out to the curb with the rest of the Christmas trash?

We can't let Jesus be relegated to just Christmas; he needs to be part of our world every day.

Sandra Reaches for the Wrong Thing

What are you reaching for?

We show we are Jesus' disciples by what we do, but so often what we reach for is the wrong thing.

"Live and Learn"

How did you get so smart?

Faith is about experience learning, not just sitting in a pew and having church book learning.

If Only I Could Be Spiritual

Are you are spiritual person?

Spirituality is about who you are on a daily basis.

Is It Your Time?

How will you know it is your time?

Jesus doesn't expect us to do what we can't know to do, but he does expect us to do what we know to do.

Workplace Faith

Where did Jesus find his followers?

Our Christian life is lived out in our workplace much more than in our church attendance!

Finding the Presence of Christ

Where will we find Jesus in the middle of our messes?

We will find the presence of Jesus in our lives when we are willing to be his presence in the lives of others.

What Do You Want Them to Be?

When all is said and done, what will you be?

When we grow up, we want to be like Jesus!

Bargains and Hot House Christians

What are you expecting to get for your Christian commitment?

Are we only interested in bargain basement Christianity, or are we willing to pay the price to be productive.

Return to Your First Love

Was it more exciting when you first began?

While time and daily life may wear away the newness of a marriage or our first love to Jesus, we can and must recapture it.