Articles Tagged 'Destination'

Will I Find God at the End of My Journey?

Take five to ten minutes once each week to explore life by joining us for a series of short videos filmed in Israel, Europe, the U.S., and other places around the world.

James Nored and Phil Ware combine their friendship, skills, and networks (Story of Redemption Films and and and bring us a weekly video and some interesting things to think about as we journey through life with Jesus!

My Response to God's Call

Will I follow on the journey, or will I choose to let where I am, where I'm comfortable, and what I have hold me in bondage?

James Nored and Phil Ware remind us of the call of the Lord to leave and follow no matter the cost.

I Doubt It: I AM, Don't Be Afraid

Maybe the goal in life is not to arrive at our goals, but to invite Jesus into the journey and let him get us where we need to be.

Phil Ware continues his series called "I Doubt It" and this week focuses on Jesus coming to his closest followers through the storm when they were exhausted, afraid, and uncertain.

Losing What You Started With

Have we lost signt of what we really intended to do?

So often we end up forgetting why we started something and do away with it just to keep up all the commotion.

Do You Know Where You Are Going?

Where does your train ride end?

While we may know who we are, unless we know whose we are, we don't know our ultimate destination.