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'...and thankful!'

What happens the other 51 weeks of the year?

Phil Ware begins a 4 part November series on giving thanks just in time for the Thanksgiving season.

Who Is this Man?

If we follow Jesus outside the box, what will we find?

Phil Ware begins a series on Jesus called "Outside the Box" and challenges us to follow Jesus and ask the question, "Who is this man?" because it is the most important question in the world.

You Want to Use Me?

I know who I am, so how can God use?

Phil Ware continues his use of The Story material and focuses on God calling Moses.

Life Is Never the Same

How do find stability in a life that is always changing?

Life is constantly changing. It is essential to have something unchanging to hold on to.

Ain't Nothin' New?

Will things ever change for me?

Phil Ware reminds that God still has the whole world in his hands and he can get us out of our ruts and break through the barriers that hold us captive to boredom and sameness.

Make a Faith Choice

When the world caves in, do you make a faith choice?

Ron Rose talks about a couple that loses everything beside faith and then finds an opportunity to influence others for God.

Changing Seasons

Just as seasons change in our world, so circumstances change in our lives

We need faith to help us through the changing seasons of our life. The website helps us learn about that faith.


Will your expectations measure up over the test of time?

Tom Norvell talks about setting expectations too high or too low and trusting in God to do more than we can ask or imagine so we can wait in expectation of each day for his work in our lives.

Real Joy?

Couldn't you take a couple of doses of this in your group?

Phil Ware talks about the real source of authentic joy, the Holy Spirit.

Depressing Daze or Joy-filled Days?

What are you going to do with the depressing days of winter?

January 24 was called the most depressing day of the year, yet we are called to rejoice!