Articles Tagged 'Approach'


Where does the Loch Ness monster of your soul dwell?

Max Lucado reminds us of what we don't want others to know about us and we don't want to admit ourselves -- we have strongholds that require drastic action to tear down and we have to invite God into every area of our lives for that to happen.

Facing Evaluations

How can I survive this with my fear of layoffs?

Larry Davies writes about the proper attitude to face evaluations and how to avoid fear as we approach them.

Be it Resolved!

Should we make these resolutions in the first place?

Rubel Shelly resolves to live for God this year and that changes how he approaches his New Year's resolutions.

God's Middle Name

Do you know God's middle name?

Russ Lawson reminds us that sometimes it takes a child to help us approach God personally and lovingly.

The Voice of Our Father

How do you approach God?

Phil talks about when his son Zachary was born hurt and how his voice as a father comforted his son and how we as God's children can approach God as Abba Father.

Approaching the Cross

Will you draw near?

Will we draw near to the cross and have our lives changed?