Together in His Grace (Page 2) 2006 Archives

What the Kids Pick Up

What are your kids hearing in the background and from you?

Kids hear all sorts of things in the background of the world via the radio and tv, how are we helping them process this?

Arriving Home

When are we going to get there?

What happens to people when they die is a lot like trying to tell kids how much farther it is to granny's house!

Parenting Twenty-somethings ... Still?

Do you still have to parent after they have left home?

Parenting twenty-somethings is a challenge but can be a blessing if we do our job well.

What Song Will They Sing?

What will they sing when you are gone?

We miss our loved ones when they die, but we can live in such a way to make sure that we see them again.

Getting the Music Back

So how much are you singing?

A visit to the Phantom of the Opera on a cold night opens back wide the door of singing in a family's home.