Together in His Grace 2004 Archives

The White Envelope

Can we make more of Christmas than tinsel and gifts?

Christmas is about giving and not receiving, especially when we can give gifts that bless others and continue giving after we are gone.

Relationship Gardening

How does your garden grow?

Like a fine garden, a marriage relationship takes cultivation and care

Favorite Places

What is your favorite place to be?

Sometimes our favorite places are places, but the people who make those places special!

Cure Alls

I thought Bactine fixed anything!

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we address the wrong issue with the wrong cure.

Half a Foot

When can a horrible tragedy proved to be a time of rejoicing?

Some of life's worst tragedies become an occasion where God's mercy is shown.


What are you going to do with those irritating people?

Some people are just irritating, so how are we going to treat them? Like God has treated us!

The Hope That is Within You

When betrayal rocks your marriage, is there a place for hope?

An account of how an affair rocked two marriages, but resources online helped provide the solution and hope to reconciliation.

Delicate Surgery

Some things need to be separated!

We often need children to help us see again with the eyes of innocence and call us back to godly mercy and kindness.

Who Are We Letting Behind the Wheel?

Who is driving your agenda?

A 12-year-old behind the wheels helps wake us all up to who is behind the wheel.

A Mother's Prayer

Are you praying today for a child on the way to school?

A mother's prayer for a child going to school for the first time.

He Never Looked Back

As they walk away, are they ready?

Letting go, whether to death or to school is hard, but when we do, let's let them go to God's care.

Never Too Late!

It's not too late to mend that relationship in the Lord.

The greatest joy is knowing that we will see each other again!

There are Trees and There are Trees

What's the difference between loquats and apricots?

Different kinds of trees fulfill different needs, just like we need different kinds of friends.

No Pain Like Your Child's Pain

How could God allow His Son to do it for us?

It hurts to see our children experiencing pain so imagine how God feels about our pain!

Precious Memories, Graduation, and Lisa

What do you think about at graduation?

Graduation brings a time for a father to reflect on his daughter's love for making friends, even among four legged creatures.

Seeing Face to Face

I wonder what He will look like?

One of these days our blindness will be taken away and we will see everything and everyone as they truly are!

Heart's Content

What can a giver hope to find in giving?

The greatest joy a gift giver can give is when someone uses the gift he or she has been given.

World's Worst Mother Award

Do you know who the world's worst mother is?

Being the world's worst mother is a good thing: it means you did the right things with your kids!

Snow from Above

Snow on Eater, how can it be?

Sometimes God's surprising comfort comes at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected places.

Not Yet What It Will Be

Are you not there yet?

We must not give up on ourselves or each other because we are not there yet!

Can't Take it With You

What are you going to carry with you in life?

Can we make the transition that happens after a leap of faith even if it is more restrictive.


What are you dreaming about these days?

Even our dreams can't live up to the things God has in store for us in heaven.

Providing Memories of Home for Our Children

What memories are you leaving for your children and grandchildren?

We can record our children's memories when they are little and then they will have them when they are older.

Work-Family Spillover

Can we keep the bad stuff in our day from leaking out?

We are called to not let our bad stuff from work spill over on our families and neighbors.