Leading in Hope 1999 Archives

Six Billion

The numbers are staggering.

Follow Him, Stumbling

Keep going, keep going.

Leadership Without Words

You can make a strong statement without saying anything.

Nothing Preaches Like Kindness

It's a simple, strong message.

Troubled by Nothing

Prayer is so powerful.

And Nothing But the Truth

Return to the foundation.

One Life Shapes Another

Who needs a mentor?

Holding On to Your Integrity

The foundation of Christian leadership is integrity.

How to Please Everyone

3 simple principles to complete criticism avoidance.

Strong Mentors Show Us How to Live

Example is powerful.

The Right Time for Leadership

All in good time...

Is Spiritual Mentoring a Biblical Idea?

You can’t find “mentor” in the Bible, but you’ll find lots of mentoring.

No Hesitation

Delayed obedience is immediate disobedience.

Mentoring #1

It makes a huge difference. Let's get started.

The Important Things Are Always Simple

The simple things are always hard.

Stepping Out of the Shadow of a Giant!

Joshua's journey from Moses' aide to God's servant.