A Taste of Home 2005 Archives

Empty House Full of Memories

Have you found your place of peace?

Jesus promises us his peace if we will open our hearts to his contentment.

The Day the Tree Went Crashing

When's the last time you held a neighbor's hand?

One of the kindness things we can do is simply hold a friends hand and listen to his or her pain and problems.

Inheritance Day

What are you looking to inherit?

What are we passing on to our children?

Secular or Sacred?

Is work secular or sacred space?

Every space is holy when a Christian inhabits it.

Hope and Joy!

Where do you find your hope and joy?

Two adopted children help Joe remember again the hope and joy he has in God.`

Be Still!

Can you actually be still?

God is calling us to be still, but he sometimes has to do radical things to get us to listen!

Bunnies, Baskets, Eggs, and Stuff

Where did a bunny with eggs come from?

Easter can be and should be on our hearts everyday and we should use Easter as a time to help our kids know about the Lord's resurrection and not just bunny eggs.