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More Forgiving and a Bigger Sweet Spot

Two good things to resolve this year...

Ready to Give a Defense

Are you prepared?

The Difference 50 Cents Made

Even small gifts can mean a lot.

Selecting the Perfect Presence

Jesus is the perfect present, and the perfect presence.

You're Going to Love It!

This is a great present!

Fingerprints of Love

He touched us, can we pass it on?

Why Sharing Beats Partying

Chose to put your resources to work a different way.

Slow Down!

Take it easy!

Too Stressed to Enjoy

Everybody relax a little.

Unanswered Questions or Unquestioned Answers

Do some digging.

With All Your Heart

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing all the way.

Ugly is Beautiful

Take a second look.

Everything is Not Okay

We live in a fallen world.

The Parable of Persevering Emmitt

He just keeps going...

Be Still

Reconnect with God in the stillness.

Enjoy It While You Can

Relish the moments.

Selfless Love

Sharing is caring.

Sons are Forever

Facing the grief of suicide is painful.

Just a Glimpse

Take time to look around at the beauty of life...

Thanksgiving: Time for Sharing

Take the time to share with those that need help.

Nothing to Give Thanks

It's not that hard.

Bathed in Light

A love/hate relationship with rain.

In Sunshine and In Rain

The rains will pass.

For Help With Pornography and Chat Addictions

A listing of links to helpful resources.

Home Safe Home?

Is it really that dangerous? Yes, it is.