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Acquainted with Grief

Grief at the holiday times is painful and altogether too common.

Prayer for an Addict

How do you pray for someone addicted to drugs? Here's a suggestion...

What To Do With Your Christmas Leftovers

Don't let that Christmas spirit spoil!

The Truth About Santa Claus

We get to the bottom of the whole Santa thing.

The Unexpected Christmas

Not your picture-perfect Christmas, but powerful all the same.

Jesus Is the Answer

How can we be a Christian in a postmodern world?

More Than a Hero

Jesus is beyond heroic.

I'm Thankful for His Coming

I'm so glad He came! Aren't you?

Our Visited Planet

Yes, He really came here.

The Paper Route

A story in generosity.

The Universal Lanugage

Everyone - and everything - should know this language.

Breaking Down the Barriers

The walls must come down.

Humility: The Journey Toward Holiness

A deeper exploration of a vital characteristic of the Christian disciple.

Butterfly Wings

Keep flapping! It will make a difference!

My Calling to Change the World

God is calling to do something... are you listening?

If Payment is Delayed

There is always a price.

Getting Lost Things Back

It doesn't often happen, so take care.


We say we love people... where is the proof?

Enduring Hardship

Why do we put ourselves through this?

The Gratitude Attitude

Thankfulness can be a way of life.

In a New York Minute

Life can change so fast.

Three Lies of Life

Be on the lookout for these falsehoods.

Help Where You Are

Don't forget that there are many worthy charities.

JABEZ: The Name

What lies behind the name of Jabez?

The Only Defense on Judgment Day

We have only one hope.